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Jone Tiffany DNP RN CNE

NUR313 Care of Individuals I

NUR313 is a team-taught course in the medical-surgical lecture course sequence of the CAS pre-licensure nursing program. This course has a large amount of content and uses mostly multiple choice examinations that are formative for taking the NCLEX state board examination. This course has two sections of approximately 45 students. I taught this course one time during fall 2012 to cover for another faculty's sabbatical.  Hard-copy examples of traditional examination questions will be provided to the review committee.



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Sample Lectures from NUR313

The 313 Diabetes module is comprised of three days of lecture/classroom activities. Prior to each lecture, there are assigned readings, worksheets and case studies. These are assignments the students bring to class for small/large group activities. Included in these lectures are spiritual applications, case study exemplars, and I always begin each class period with a devotion. 

Since Diabetes is a complicated illness, the three days are structured as follows: 

Day 1 -  Intro to Diabetes/insulins - Bring: all types insulin, syringe, glucose meter, glucagon (Solu-Medrol optional to review meds that elevate BG). Students are to complete the Pharm/NutritionWorksheet prior to class. The answers to this worksheet were discussed in class and the students received 5 points if they completed it before class. 

Day 2 -  Diabetes Complications/oral meds - Bring: Juicy Fruit gum in bag with cotton covered w/nail polish remover (to simulate DKA aroma), Carb counting- for both both types of diabetes. There was a group activity where students worked together to review case studies and answer a Carb counting worksheet. 

Day 3 - Introduction to Evidence Based Practice (in context of diabetes). Small group- Journal articles studies. Finish up carb counting of worksheet including the ethnic foods part, then groups present to each other - Bring: food packages for "real" carb counting


Devotion_first class of NUR313

This is the devotion I read at the beginning of the first day of class_NUR313

Additional Exemplars of Course Activities

This course is a very full course. Students find the content difficult so it is important to provide study guides, office hours, time for test review and individual counseling. I find individual student meetings very rewarding. I work very hard to assist students in their thinking and help them improve on their test taking skills. The students appreciate the 1:1 attention and mention it often in my course evaluations. 

Course Evaluations

I only have one year of evaluations as I taught this course one time to cover for another faculty's sabbatical. These evaluation are from Fall 2012, and are from the two sections of the course. I have provided hard copies of the IDEA evaluation forms. 

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