In the Fall of 2009, I  attended the Center for Advanced Pediatric and Perinatal Education at Stanford University for Multidisciplinary Team Instructor Training in the Simulated Delivery Room.This comprehensive team training program is designed to involve all members of the delivery room team including obstetricians, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, obstetric nurses, anesthesiologists, and nurse anesthetists. Content knowledge, technical skills and behavioral skills specific to each domain and discipline are practiced in the context of realistic scenarios requiring team members to work together effectively to insure the health of the mother and her newborn.This is a four day instructor course.

Here is the Website for CAPE:


Abbott Northwestern Hospital Simulation

Snce returning from CAPE, there have been several simulation-based trainings/learning experiences held in the WomenCare area at Abbott Northwestern hospital. The simulation exercises have included Emergency Cesarean Delivery drills, Postpartum hemorrhage drills, and Shoulder dystocia training drills. The Abbott Northwestern foundation has purchased a high-fidelity Noelle (mother), and Hal (baby) duo to be used in the simulation drills. Most of these drills have been interprofessional with nursing, physician, midwives, and anesthesia represented.


Independent Consultation: Allina Simulation Evidence-Based Practice Document

In December 2012, I was hired as a simulation consultant by the Allina Health System and tasked with writing a document that would guide the implementation of a system-wide simulation program. Here is that document. In addition, I wrote a document discussing the implementation of the simulation program at the Women Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.