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Jone Tiffany DNP RN CNE

HPE390K Decision-Making and Medical Decisions

Technological advances in the life sciences and health care have increased the ability to conceive, sustain, and alter human lives.  The human response to health care technology is explored from individual, family, and societal perspectives.  Ethical theories and principles are applied as a guide to decision-making about the use of health care technology.  Problems of the current health care system are discussed and health policy options for controlling or monitoring technologies are considered.  Health care technologies discussed in the course include genetic testing and counseling, intensive treatment of newborns, contraceptive technologies, reproductive technologies and organ transplantation. Additional topics of concern are quality of life issues in care of the elderly and termination of life.


HPE390K Syllabus

8/25/2014 9:07:21 PM
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This is the syllabus for HPE390K Decision-Making and Medical Technology. I was the lead instructor in this course; and coordinated the content, the course calendar, the Moodle site, and designed the syllabus.


Course Evaluations

This course had students with a variety of backgrounds and majors. This variety made for interesting discussions both in class and on the discussion forums. As you can see from the course evaluations, the students really enjoyed the format of the course, the content and the way it was taught. See the hard copy of the IDEA form.  

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