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Jone Tiffany DNP RN CNE

HeathEast Care System Board of Directors

On January 3, 2011, I became a member of the HealthEast Care System Board of Directors. As the only Registered Nurse on the board, I bring a unique perspective of a nurse's voice to the board activities. I attend monthly meetings and educational offerings. To prepare for these meetings, there is often over 200 pages of reading assigned. 


I also have had the opportunity to speak with Minnesota legislators about issues important to the new model of healthcare, and represented HealthEast at several Minnesota Hospital Association meetings. 

HealthEast Board of Directors - Chair of Quality of Care Council

Starting in January 2014, I began serving as the Chairperson of the Quality of Care Sub-Committee of the Board of Directors.  My responsibilities include attending monthly preparation meetings with the Executive Leadership Team. In addition, I am now a member of the Executive leadership council of the board and this group meets once per month. I am responsible for the monthly agenda of the QCC meeting, running the meeting and providing a devotion at the beginning of each meeting. Since HealthEast is a faith-based health system, meetings always begin with a devotion and a patient story.  See below for an example of one of the devotions I read at a recent meeting. 

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