During the past year (August 2013 - August 2014), part of my faculty load was the CAPS Nursing Degree Completion Director. My role was to provide leadership in the nursing program through administration and teaching. This role was 25% of my faculty load (but took a significant amount of time, more like 50%), and was a ten-month contract spread over the entire year. 


% of time

Primary/critical responsibilities




  • Oversee & facilitate curriculum development
  • Create & implement assessment plan (process will vary if program is accredited)
  • Initiate and oversee curricular change as assessment indicates to insure integrity, efficacy and relevance.



  • Assist in new faculty hiring process and orientation
  • Assign instructors to courses
  • Supervise & evaluate instructors
  • Intentional communication with faculty & staff (program specific) Communication with Assoc. Dean & VP?


  Program Development:

  • Assist admission team with marketing, recruitment & admission events.
  • Interact with external audiences for program promotion
  • Explore and respond to trends for discipline (prioritization process; AMB)
  • Clinical site relations & medical community advocacy


  Student  Contact: 

  • Maintain teaching load in program/research advisor
  • Adjudicate student academic and professional issues as needed
  • Oversight of admission and interview process.



  • Assist with calendar development, enrollment & budget planning.
  • Licensure and credentialing requirement for graduates.

  Program Accreditation:

  • Lead program personnel in applying and qualifying for program accreditation
  • Plan for and secure curriculum and accreditation required clinical partnerships