I have been working on student learning activities in the Virtual World of Second Life for the past four years. Several Nursing Courses now have Virtual Simulations or learning activities. Second Life  was created in 2003 as a "social networking and gaming platform by Linden Labs. SL participants are offered a 3D immersive virtual world experience via an internet connection and free downloadable software. Virtual world experiences replicate real world activities such as lectures presented with PowerPoint, professional seminars, theatre and museum visits, and continuing education sessions as well as numerous opportunities for socialization and recreational activities. Avatars are used in SL to facilitate participation in virtual world activities

The Nightingale Isle Blog has followed the progress made on Nightingale Isle over the past four years. It takes the reader through the original design of the space and shows all the changes over the years. It chronicles the learning activities in addition to some other virtual activities. See the link below. 

This fall (2014) the Public Health students (CAS & CAPS) will be involved in a research project evaluating the satisfaction and learning related to the clinical replacement Virtual Simulations.